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Contributions to the Encyclopedia of Indianapolis

This isn’t a traditional post like those that I usually have on this blog, but a promotion for some other writings I have done of late. Late last year two entries I wrote were published on the online version of the Encyclopedia of Indianapolis. The hardcopy of the encyclopedia was originally published in 1994. You can still purchase the 1994 version at q few locations around Indianapolis, and it can be found at your local library. I bought a copy several years ago, and it has proven valuable for kicking off the research process for a new topic.

More recently, the digital version of the Encyclopedia was launched in November of 2021, and can be accessed here. The two recent entries I wrote for the online version were about Frances Connecticut Stout, and the Tanselle-Adams Commission.

Stout and her husband operated one of the first black owned booths at the Indianapolis City Market. The Tanselle-Adams Commission was created by Mayor William Hudnut to investigate police use of deadly force following the death of a 15-year-old Broad Ripple High School student. Both topics were interesting to research, and provided their own challenges as information was gathered.

I hope you'll check out the links above and explore the online encyclopedia. We'll be getting back to regularly scheduled programming on this blog within the next week.

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